Why this blog is Pro-Woman Pro-Life Anti-violence

Pregnant women need options they can live with. Partners, family members and friends are quick to abandon us and to remind us about the legal “choice” that will make our baby-problem go away. But we don’t have to sacrifice our children to please them or to fit in the culture of the “wanted”, “planned” and genetically acceptable.

We have the amazing power to grow a human being and at the most most vulnerable stages, our children deserve to be protected. Once a child is conceived, he or she exists both physically and in our motherly mind. Abortion may destroy their body but it can’t make our child disappear. Sooner or later, memories and questions will come to haunt us.

Abortion violates nature in the most horrible way. It violates our bodies, our minds and destroys our children. Furthermore, abortion doesn’t help women to get out of abusive relationships. Violence against the unborn child doesn’t make the father less abusive. And it changes us. It robs us from our ability to love and nurture subsequent children in a balanced manner.

Abortion needs to be exposed, its lies to be brought to light, its wounds to be healed. This is why I write this Pro-Woman, Pro-Life, Anti-violence blog.

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