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Our friends at Life Matters Journal have highlighted 10 bizarre claims from the ReproAction webinar on Pro-Life feminism that took place on July 6th.

When I listened to those short segments, I was really shocked by one of the panelists’ take on Margaret Sanger and racism so I decided to make a transcript of her words. It starts at 1:26.

Panelist: “There’s a really big difference between, being like a capital R, you know, trademark racist and being racist and then being, and then, saying racist stuff. And Margaret Sanger was probably a little r racist and she definitely said a lot of racist stuff but she wasn’t a capital R tm, and for emphasis, racist. She was horribly ableist, she was very racially paternalistic. She did a lot of things, she… uh… a lot of bad things, she said a lot of bad things […].”

So, we already had Whoopi Goldberg rape-splaining Roman Polanski’s sexual misconduct with her “rape-rape” comment and now we have an abortion advocate race-splaining the founder of Planned Parenthood with her “little r racist” remarks in this webinar.

But racism is racism and if we are not able to condemn it because “it’s Planned Parenthood founder’s brand of racism so it must be OK”; of course we are not going to see the evil of abortion and condemn it.

This is a sad reflection on a society that refuses to tell right from wrong but prefers to invent fifty shades of choice instead. I, personally, refuse to be part of such a society. Margaret Sanger was a racist, point blank and Polanski drugged and raped a 13 year old girl. Racism and rape are always wrong and should be denounced, not excused! Truth is truth whether it fits our agenda or not.

Edit: I’m adding a link to the recording of the Reproaction webinar. The panelist starts her talk on:  “‘Pro-Life Feminists’, whiteness and their mission” at :28.