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Pro-Life because I am my sisters keeperOften, when I share my Pro-Life graphics and essays, I’m told that I should shut up because it’s not my business what women “do with their bodies”.

Here is the thing: I’m no longer the girl I used to be, who needed to rationalize the unthinkable so she could live with herself. I don’t buy into the abortion lies about women’s rights, bodily autonomy or a “necessary evil” anymore.

I know what abortion looks like, what it does and how it feels for the mother and her subsequent family. It messes you up for years and when the magical time comes for the “wanted child”, all the buried guilt resurfaces and overwhelms you.

No one should ever go through the trauma of abortion. It’s offensive to tell a woman: “Just go get an abortion!” so that we (partners, family, friends, classmates, acquaintances etc… ) don’t have to deal with the pregnant belly and the child.

I’m Liberal on most political issues but I am Pro-Life on abortion because I am my sister’s keeper; because I care about women. When pregnancy comes as a surprise, there are better options out there. Tearing the child from the mother’s womb is never the answer.

If, like me, you believe in non-violence, it should be self-evident that assaulting the innocent in the womb is an abomination, for both woman and child. If we are all one big family, then we are our sisters’ keepers.