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When I say that abortion is bad for women, I’m often told that I’m a liar or that I have an agenda. Or, (my favorite), that I support politicians who want poor women to give birth while those men are voting to cut welfare programs.

Yes, I question and condemn abortion and I support life-affirming alternatives. What I share in writing is based on my experience and also reading and listening to both pro-choicers and pro-lifers, abortion workers, mental health researchers etc.… I keep myself informed about why abortions happen, the different kinds of procedures and the possible physical and psychological consequences.

Women have the right to know what they are getting into. This is a life-changing act that is surrounded by silence, lies and half-truths and that’s not fair to women. Abortion is a tragedy where a life is taken and another is shattered and it’s 100% preventable.

My agenda is for all of us to heal; heal as individuals and heal as a society. I’m not only talking about healing after abortion. Of course that’s a big part of it but I’m also talking about healing from the “Roe disease” that gangrenes our relationships; I’m talking about ending the pregnancy stigma.

Telling your pregnant best friend: “That’s easy. Just go get an abortion!”
Telling your pregnant daughter: “Oh my God! You HAVE to have an abortion!”
Telling your pregnant partner: “It’s me or the baby!”

As long as these are our reactions to an unplanned pregnancy, our relationships won’t be based on love. As long as we tell our friends, sisters, daughters and partners that legal violence is the answer; we will be a broken people in need of healing.

Choose Love. Choose Life. Choose them both.


(Posted on my Facebook page today.)