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ireland chained to past 8th amendmentAccording to actor Liam Neeson and Amnesty International in their pro-abortion propaganda video, the first picture represents Irish women being unable to have their unborn children legally scraped and sucked out of their wombs.

ireland repel 8th amendment

The second picture represents what Ireland would look like if the 8th amendment was repealed and women had access to that wonderful option.

In other words, the ad claims that life without access to abortion is hell and life with abortion is heaven on earth.

I have a few questions for Mr. Neeson who is voicing the ad. Does he understand that abortion takes a human life; the life of the woman’s own child?
Does he know how an abortion is done? Does he know what it looks like; does he know what it feels like? Does he know anything about the aftermath of abortion? The months, the years after you left the clinic; after you paid a doctor to destroy your own child?

Abortion is not blue skies and green grass. It’s gory, it’s demeaning and it changes you forever. When I see the first screenshot of the video, I see the hell of my life after I had my abortions: the tombs accurately represent my two dead children. I see the familiar darkness and despair and the daily struggle to not end my own life.

When I see the second peaceful and green screenshot, I see my life before it was defiled by abortion. I see the wholeness of my soul; unstained by the blood of my children. They got the timeline and the pictures wrong in the ad.

Promoting abortion is promoting violence and this video is trying to pass violence off as peace. Isn’t that ironic for a group that champions human rights?

There is nothing peaceful about exterminating our children before they are born and harming mothers in the process. This is a human rights issue if there ever was one and Amnesty International is on the wrong side of the debate.

Every child has the right to life regardless of size, age, gender or disability and we have no right to discriminate against them. Incidentally, the next pro-abortion video on A. I.’s playlist is a couple who were told to have their first child aborted based on a disability diagnosis.

Abortion is not an innocent act and it’s not without consequences. I hope that people in Ireland won’t fall for those ads. There is no need for abortion ever and both women and children are better off without it.