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womens consent and choiceThe concepts of “consent” and “choice”, in matters of sex and abortion; actually make it easier for women to accept objectification and violence.

Having sex because of peer pressure is bad enough but nowadays young women who are having casual sex, especially teenagers, get easily confused: were they raped or did they “consent”?

“Consent” has become an illusion that women are in charge when in fact a manipulative man can easily coerce a woman into “consent” by insisting heavily until she says yes so he stops asking (even scaring her a little), using emotional blackmail etc…

Likewise, “choice” is an illusion that we are in charge when in fact it creates an impossible dilemma: my life versus my child’s life. The final solution, promoted by those who benefit financially from it, is violence to eliminate the child and we should be thankful for it because we were “in control”; we made a “choice” (and I’m not even talking about coerced abortion here.)

Why do we fall for that? Why do we accept so easily to be objectified and to subject ourselves (and our children) to violence?

It doesn’t matter how glamorous our sex-obsessed consumer society makes casual sex and abortion sound. It’s high time for us women to say no to objectification and violence.

Women were not made to fall victims to predator-partners and greed-driven doctors. We were made to nurture, to love, to elevate. We shouldn’t settle for less-than-ideal relationships and less-than-desirable procedures. Let’s not allow those who want to use and abuse us to dim our light and clip our wings.