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unicorn blood quote The first time I read Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s stone, this passage about Voldemort drinking unicorn blood to stay alive spoke to me in a strange way. Two innocent children had been sacrificed on the altar of my ignorance and selfishness and my existence had become “a half-life, a cursed life”. Note that I wasn’t exposed to religion or Pro-Life ideas back then and no amount of “religious guilt” led me to think this.

When I read the above passage in 2002, it stroke me as the painful truth: elective abortion doesn’t make you free, it doesn’t make your life better. After an abortion, you are merely surviving. Every morning, you look in the mirror and feel sick in the pit of your stomach. You are repeating: “I’m not a bad person”. You take your anxiety pills and try to ignore the voices in your head so you can start your day.

Who would want such a life for women? Why don’t we want what’s best for them? Do we consider women as such inferior beings that all we have to offer is to cut children out of their wombs, discard them and create complex mental issues?

Why do we place such dilemmas in women’s hands? “Your body, your choice”; your life versus your child’s life? And when you actually make that decision, sooner or later you realize that you consented to something dreadful that you can’t take back and you never feel free.

We shouldn’t make women feel that they have to damn themselves to a cursed life; supposedly to live better. Women with unplanned pregnancies need options that don’t include the violence and trauma of abortion; alternatives that respect their right to remain whole as persons.

To Pro-Choicers who say: “I don’t like abortion but I support it for others”, I would like to say: friend, listen to your gut feeling because it is right. Abortion is a curse that no magic wand can reverse. If you don’t want an abortion for yourself then don’t support it for someone else. If it’s wrong for you, it’s wrong for them too.

Quote via Harry Potter Wikia.com