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abortion ultimate exploitation women aliceToday I read a vitriolic response to the Women Betrayed rallies and pro-life feminism in general from the website Wonkette. Nothing says Feminism like vulgarity, ad hominem attacks against female activists who hold views different from yours and porn-ish ads on the side bars of the site (I will not link this blog to that piece for those reasons).

So, pro-life feminism is “new” and it’s shocking. But why does it make abortion supporters so angry that they spit on women they accuse of not being true feminists via the internet?

I’m always for dialogue but I don’t think you can reason with those people, just like you can’t reason with the women’s studies major who recently wrote on xoJane about how much she loves aborting women.

All of us who oppose abortion can’t be feminists because pro-life = anti-women, right?

Speaking of feminists, what would Alice Paul do? Remember when the champion of women’s suffrage said: “Birth is the ultimate exploitation of women”? No? Me neither because what she actually said is: “ABORTION is the ultimate exploitation of women”. Indeed, Alice Paul was a pro-life feminist and she was “far from alone” to paraphrase the abortion aficionada from xoJane.

Radical feminists constantly oppose motherhood and career; having a baby and finishing College. They don’t ask themselves: why couldn’t women have it all? They focus on “abortion access” and “reproductive rights”, in other words: get rid of the little ones while they are small and young, as the panacea solution to all of women’s problems.

But an ideology that demonizes motherhood and glorifies the for-profit execution of the most vulnerable among us is not pro-woman.

If we are going to demonize anything, let’s render unto satan the things which are satan’s: the nauseating, belittling, violent procedure that is abortion. Let’s expose abortion profiteers like Planned Parenthood, recently caught trafficking fetal organs in the Center for Medical Progress videos.

Once a child is conceived unexpectedly, the feminist response should be to empower women with choices they can live with; choices that don’t put them in a situation of coercion in the hands of controlling sex partners and gruesome procedures with heavy psychological implications; choices that don’t involve a direct attack on the weak and small.

Abortion doesn’t make us equal to men. It produces childless mothers with a wound we can’t put our finger on that consumes us inside while we are showing our best pro-choice rage on the outside.

Women need love and support and a ‘quick-fix abortion’ can give them neither.