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Oh Brittany… Now you will never know what could have been.
You stopped the train and now there is nothing…

Your gesture is not one of courage but one of desperation and blindness. I’m praying for your soul and I also worry… because the advocacy group that used you (and will be using your death for their agenda) is undermining the work of suicide prevention groups. Encouraging and enabling suicide is a form of abuse of the vulnerable and it has to be denounced.

In some ways, assisted suicide is similar to abortion. It robs the person of life with no chance of turning back. Just like God doesn’t send an aborted child back in the body of another when “our timing is right”, you won’t be able to board that train again.

As a friend of suicidal people and as a person who occasionally struggles with suicidal thoughts, I’m heart broken and I think the glamorization of your death won’t bring anything good. It won’t make the world a more beautiful, loving place.

Your suicide raises horrible questions that won’t be featured in People Magazine: Did you suffer an agonizing death after you took that pill? Did you feel “dignified” in that death? Did it “work” right away or did somebody have to finish the job? What was Plan B? Will your loved ones experience resentment or PTSD symptoms because of the way you died and the role they played in it? What if your suicide pushes them to commit suicide? Who will be responsible?

As for a society that is slouching toward a culture of death… Who will be the next victim of assisted suicide? Who will make the decision for them? Based on what criterion? At what cost? Who will profit from it?

Brittany, how different things could have been, had you been surrounded with life-affirming friends and doctors, some who swore to First, Do No Harm; people who have Hope, even when everything looks dark. Friends who would have encouraged you to stay on the train when it was going through the tunnel and helped you see the light at the end of it.

I struggle as we all struggle but I have hope, Brittany. Life is worth living. You didn’t have to commit suicide, none of us do. Your life was precious and you didn’t lose your dignity in illness. I’m so sorry you could not see it. I’m sorry you bought into the lies of false compassion and false choices.

May your soul rest in peace.