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red biohazard bagsOn September 1st, PBS is airing the documentary After Tiller that seeks to normalize late-term abortions. If you are a PBS supporter, feel free to let them know what you think about this bold political move on their part. After George Tiller’s death in 2009, we learn in the documentary that four physicians still get paid to destroy children diagnosed with birth defects, in third trimester abortions.

In the trailer, one of the abortionists says: “No one wants an abortion”. I agree with that statement. The real question is, if no one wants an abortion, why do we still have abortion?

As a feminist and a pacifist, I don’t understand why, in 2014 we are not able to rise above the savagery of late-term abortion and abortion in general.

Late-term abortion is sold to desperate pregnant women with an adverse diagnosis as the sensible thing to do. Do they have access to information about Perinatal Hospice? Are they sometimes pressured to abort an imperfect child by eugenics advocates using the “quality of life” argument? What about the mother’s quality of life after the horror of an abortion she has to live with the rest of her existence?

Let’s go back to George Tiller’s assassination. What he was doing for a living was despicable and so was his murder. The abortionist was killed by Scott Roeder (a member of the terrorist group “army of god”) in church, on a Sunday as he was worshiping a God that both he and Roeder thought was OK with killing our neighbor.

Let that sink in for a minute. Both were believers and thought that murder was justified to either help women or to save children, and that God approves of their actions.

George Tiller could have been an usher at your church. Scott Roeder could have sat in the pew next to your family every Sunday. What can Pro-Life Christians learn from George Tiller’s assassination?

Maybe we need to reach out more to our fellow believers about the sanctity of human life, from conception to natural death. In church, we shouldn’t be afraid to talk about the Fifth Commandment “Thou shalt not kill” (my pastor often says: “The Ten Commandments; NOT the Ten Suggestions“) and the evil of abortion at all stages. We need to remind our brothers and sisters that violence is not an acceptable way to solve our problems. Let’s offer alternatives to abortion as well as counseling to those who had one and to those who feel the urge to hurt others. Let’s talk about repentance and God’s mercy, forgiveness and restoration. Let’s share the stories of those, like Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who have seen the light and have amended their lives. The void and anguish that come with sin and that we often try to ignore can be filled and healed.

I pray that the four abortionists to be featured on public television realize that they don’t have to soil their hands and their souls with innocent blood for a living. The women they think they are helping will be broken by abortion and need Hope. I pray that the four misguided physicians open their eyes and see that it’s never too late to quit and start a new job they can be proud of.

(Note: the picture used in this blog post depicts a person handling a medical waste bag. These bags are used in the abortion industry to discard the babies’ bodies but this picture is not specifically from an abortion clinic)