400 Words for Women

loyalty abuser picNational Right To Life News published an article about Viv Albertine, a rocker who says she regrets her abortion but is still Pro-Choice.

Showing loyalty to the abortion that oppresses us is what I call the “Abortion Stockholm Syndrome”. I and many women I’ve met through Silent No More and Rachel’s Vineyard are familiar with it.

The Pro-Choice position is based on lies and sooner or later, women realize that abortion has damaged them in the worst ways. Some of us advance on the path to healing while others get stuck there. Women need to get out of the “Abortion Stockholm Syndrome” phase to be able to recover.

They are hurting. They swear to themselves that they will never go through this again and yet they defend abortion for other women (some even say abortion is horrible but they are thankful). I remember when I was there. Our chains are…

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