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fall leaves stepsA rain of leaves fell on October ninety three
I was troubled and thought that sex would set me free
We could have been friends but we chose the easy road
Maybe my Prince Charming was disguised as a toad?

When I became pregnant, I saw the ugly truth
I had to end my child’s life, as well as my youth
To please a man that I have never really known,
“Pro-choice” became my mantra and my comfort zone

If I went back in time, I would say “no” to him
In those murky waters I would refuse to swim
I would have been stronger and made better choices
If I had not listened to lust’s and fear’s voices

October came again, year two thousand thirteen
Many leaves have fallen and my soul, I can’t clean
But I have met the One who can work miracles
I’m the lost and the wounded from His parables

I will never forget October ninety-three
And the consequences that forever changed me
But there is hope that makes Autumn suns bright again
A light that helps me to remember with less pain