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lets call it-Abortion clinic? Let’s call it “Women’s Health Center”
-Miscarriage? Let’s call it “spontaneous abortion”
-Abortion by pill? Let’s call it “induced miscarriage”
-Surgical abortion? Let’s call it “gently remove the contents of the uterus”
-Lethal injection into the baby’s heart? Let’s call it “feticide”
-Infanticide? Let’s call it “after birth abortion”

Where will the madness end?

Aren’t you getting getting tired of those language changes? Why do we accept them so easily? Imagine forty years for now, when “abortion on demand” is a thing of the past, if hopefully there is a shift in our culture and pregnant women are supported and offered life affirming services, our grandchildren will visit an abortion memorial museum and wonder why we let those euphemisms pollute our minds and these things happen in our lifetime.