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PRO CHOICE RALLY NOWReading pro-abortion blogs and news articles, I see two trends in pro-abortion activism today:

There is still a group of radical-traditional pro-abortion feminists who consider that motherhood enslaves women. They are not tired of chanting “abortion on demand and without apology” and would like to see detached, almost genderless women sharing emotionless abortions stories to support their position (good luck with that).

There are also those that I call progressive pro-abortionists. These women are pro-choice often because they had an abortion and need to justify it but they also embrace motherhood, which sometimes puts them at odds with the rad-trad activists. They say things like: “good mothers are having abortions” or the very confused “pro-choice=pro-life”.

Their position could be explained by unresolved abortion trauma and rationalization. The rad-trad position, on the other hand, sounds like political ideology disconnected from reality.

Let us embrace motherhood as part of our femininity and be consistent. Embracing our ability to give life naturally moves us to protect children and to oppose abortion.

And as an ex-pro-choice post-abortive mother, I can attest that the pro-life position is much easier to explain and to live with than a coping mechanism or an archaic ideology.