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pregnant sepiaActivists such as Wendy Davis passionately fight for the right to destroy unborn children who were unplanned, conceived in poverty, have the wrong gender or if the pregnancy is high risk.

There are also ordinary women who want to do no harm and will simply carry a child to term despite all of the above circumstances.

I’m a pro-life convert who grew up in an abortion-friendly country. I realize now that I have witnessed an incredible pro-life woman, the kind of hero that you don’t hear about in the news.

On a sunny day of September 1986, eleven year old Anne-Marie was riding the bus with her mother, Maddy. Her two sisters were at home and she was thrilled. Maddy even gave her a small bag of candy. They arrived in the city and took another bus to Maddy’s mother’s house.

At first, Anne-Marie didn’t pay attention to what the grown-ups were saying. Suddenly, Maddy exclaimed: “I have news… I’m pregnant!” Jealousy reared its ugly head as Anne-Marie’s mommy-me-and-candy bubble burst. “A baby?” She thought. “What about me?”

Maddy’s mother was shocked too: “You are crazy! Pregnant at your age, with that man?” She knew that her daughter’s marriage wasn’t happy. It wasn’t a cheerful visit but Maddy always tried to make the best of everything.

The following weeks, there were discussions about amniocentesis and Down Syndrome. Maddy was forty two and her uterus was in a bad shape. Her doctor wasn’t pleased with the pregnancy. The baby tested negative for genetic disorders and it was a girl. Maddy’s husband was angry. Having a fourth daughter and no sons made him mad.

Baby clothes and furniture were donated as Maddy’s belly was getting bigger. Her husband was treating her harshly, shaming her for being pregnant.

Maddy is a strong woman but the lack of support from all sides must have been hard to handle on top of pregnancy aches and pains and a scare after falling on the ice.

In April 1987, she gave birth to a healthy little girl without complications. Her husband eventually came around and accepted their daughter.

Maddy always knew that she was carrying a human life that needed to be protected. She stood strong in the face of adversity and never complained. She simply did what she had to do as a mother.

My name is Béatrice Anne-Marie. Maddy is my mom and she is my pro-life hero.