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These are a few thoughts regarding children holding pro-abortion signs in Austin, TX recently. In this picture, I was sharing my abortion testimony at a pro-life event in Charlotte, NC in September 2012 (we don’t get paid to participate in protests but apparently other activists do).

Beatrice Fedor 9/5/2012My husband and three children were there and our five year old son was holding this sign:

dnc4My husband and I practice what we preach by (supporting crisis pregnancy centers and) being open to life. In February I found out that I was pregnant. The older kids were curious so I showed them videos of human development from the moment of fertilization.

A couple of months later, our four year old daughter said: “there are 5 people in our house”. Our now six year old son, (though he has severe hearing loss and is speech delayed), corrected her: “No, Christina, look at mommy’s belly; there are six people in our house”. Our kids are young but they know that a pregnant woman is growing a human being in her belly.

Kids understand more than we realize. I can’t imagine the conversations in the homes of the children holding these signs in Austin TX:

every child wanted and f with senator

stay out mommys vOne can wonder: are these kids shown abortion procedures and porn videos? Does mom give this little guy inappropriate info about what is going on in her vagina? Is the Vagina Monologues a bedtime story in that home?

Are the two little girls given a lecture about being wanted vs being unwanted? I remember thirty one years ago, as a seven years old girl, “wantedness” was something adults were talking about and it created a lot of anxiety in our little children’s minds. I was having this conversation with my classmates: “what about you, were you a wanted child?” It was dreadful to think that some of us were not welcomed and loved unconditionally by their parents.

There is an interesting brochure that deals with post-abortion survivor syndrome, authored by Dr. Philip G. Ney and Dr. Marie A. Peeters and published by The Institute of Pregnancy Loss and Child Abuse Research and Recovery (Pioneer Publishing Victoria, Canada 1993 ISBN 0-920952-06-03). Read a PDF version of the brochure Abortion Survivors.

These are excerpts from a conversation between a patient and a psychiatrist. The patient knows that his mother had an abortion (he mentions that he is pro-choice at the beginning of the conversation):

abort surv1abort surv2Also, in the brochure they identify ten types of abortion survivors:

abortion surv10types1abortion surv10types2Parents, you have the right to your opinion on an issue but be careful what kind of activism you involve your kids in. Children are naturally innocent and they shouldn’t have to worry about questions they are too young to handle. And clearly, the implications of walking the “pro-choice” walk can have disastrous consequences on living children.

(Photos: The Catholic News Herald; America, defend life; LifeNews.com)