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sirene2I was an atheist when I had my abortions but I immediately knew that I had entered Satan’s territory as death entered my body and I was not prepared for spiritual warfare. I made this “drowning mermaid” picture after my second abortion. I was writing and painting frenetically to escape my suicidal thoughts. I’m writing this essay with the pro-life believer in mind but I’m proof that non-believers can experience Satan through abortion too. It’s been a couple of years since my conversion and today I would like to explore in what ways abortion is satanic because thank God, I’m not afraid anymore. I believe that what is hidden needs to be exposed in order to be healed.

The ruler of this world

As they say, abortion has become “the law of the land”. People accept it because it is legal or because the pro-life position is not considered as pro-women, even when pro-lifers are the ones who support bills to protect women from a Gosnell-type abortionist.

Our society applauds the population control elites who are imposing harmful chemical contraceptives and abortion to “solve” poverty and deficient health care in poor countries that actually value children. As we are pressured to trade objective truth and our moral values for whatever is popular, let us remember the words of Archbishop Fulton Sheen: “Truth is still the truth even when no one believes it. Error is still error even if everyone believes it.”

The father of lies

Masquerading as “choice”, abortion is the biggest lie of our time. In his book1, former abortionist and NARAL co-founder Bernard Nathanson confessed that fabricated data was fed the media to manipulate the public. They said that 10,000 women were dying from illegal abortion annually when the actual numbers were 200 to 250. Norma McCorvey, “Jane Roe” lied about being gang raped to make her case more compelling (read her testimony on endroe.org).

We are raising an entire generation of people who ignore biology and live in a fantasy world of “reproductive rights” and other political slogans. Mothers-to-be-aborted are kept in the dark about fetal development and abortion risks. Margaret Sanger and her anti-parenthood organization have successfully demonized pregnancy and childbirth.

Thankfully, a new feminism2 is emerging, celebrating motherhood and providing women with life-affirming options. Let us hope that this movement will contribute to establish a culture of life so that no woman feels that her unborn child is her worst enemy and must be eliminated.

The tempter

How many of us have given in to the morbid temptation to abort? How many were left alone to make the impossible decision, were urged to ‘man up’ to solve their “baby problem” and desperate, had their own child scraped out of them. Then, the culture of death expects us to go back to our lives as if nothing happened. For some women, the morbid temptation becomes a rationalized, destructive habit. Thankfully, other women’s stories of fall and redemption shine little bits of light, helping us to regain our perspective on good and evil and realize that we are both wounded and loved.


Abortion isolates women and tears couples and families apart. In this video, ex-abortion clinic owner Carol Everett explains how abortion sales persons separate teenage girls from their parents and turn them into abortion consumers.

There is also a few people among pro-lifers who condemn us post-abortive women and ex-abortion workers. But we have to live the rest of our lives with our abortion experiences and we would appreciate a little compassion. Maybe these people can’t “get over” the sin and love the sinner. By that I don’t mean to lessen the sin but to allow God’s grace to show us the humanity of each person despite their sins.

Also, I have observed a few people who obsess about graphic abortion pictures and develop hatred and a sense of self-righteousness which are clearly not from God. Saint Paul said that Christ’s body the Church is one and if one member suffers, we all suffer together. My hope is that we can be united and stop rejecting those who have sinned differently.

The accuser

This piece written by Kelly Clinger illustrates how Satan continues to accuse repentant post-abortive women. When faced with spiritual attacks, the best thing to do is to ask our friends to pray for us even if Satan makes us feel ashamed to tell them about it. Healing is a long journey and sometimes it is necessary to attend several recovery programs. Though some pro-choicers call us weak for saying “I regret my abortion”, it takes courage to share our worst sin with the world and it’s not a pleasant thing; neither are spiritual attacks. But being able to help even one person makes it worth every effort.

To conclude, we can’t fight Satan with his own weapons. This is not a battle against people; it’s spiritual warfare and it requires faith and love, patience and humility. One woman said: “I know that abortion is going to kill my baby but it’s OK because I believe in reincarnation and I know that she will come back to me”. The sidewalk counselor simply walked away and prayed because sometimes it is all you can do. I like St. Bernadette Soubirous’s wise words: “My job is to inform, not convince.”

Let us be proactive in educating, offering help, listening with compassion and kindly share the truth with those who are misguided. The hardest thing is perhaps to “not let our hearts be troubled”, as Jesus told the Apostles at the Last Supper. Abortion can cause anger, fear, despair and many ugly things but we need to remember that Jesus has overcome the world. Let us not allow the world to overcome us and entrap us in the snares of the devil.

1“Confessions of an Ex-Abortionist” In The Hand of God: A Journey from Death to Life by the Abortion Doctor Who Changed His Mind, 1997 Regenery Publishing

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