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unplanned unwantedMy first abortion was the typical case of the boyfriend who doesn’t want to take responsibility and uses abortion to make a pregnancy problem disappear (which he later regretted). I naively thought: “if I do as I’m told and abort this child, he will love me and we will have other children later”.

I had a second abortion out of fear. The father was twice my age, abusive and was trying to use me for money. He had another child he was using to get money for his drugs. I decided to abort because I wanted that man out of my life but I also loved my son. I thought that dead, he would be safe from his manipulative, abusive father.

In both cases, I didn’t want an abortion but I tried to convince myself that it was the only thing to do. The abortion rights movement encourages desperate, reluctant women to sacrifice their child and they become pro-choice to justify the unjustifiable. No matter how broken we feel inside, after our abortion, we worship at the altar of “choice”; for “choice has set us free”.

As a pro-life advocate, keep this in mind when you are dealing with angry pro-choice women. Many have been in those situations and they are suffering. Our activism reminds them of this one thing they wish they could forget.

I can’t say that I went from angry pro-choicer to peaceful pro-lifer in one night. It’s a long, painful process. One of the most painful parts is to accept that you can’t change the past.

I can’t undo my abortions and I will always feel pain but I made the decision to live in peace. I can love because I understand now that someone bigger than me loved me first.