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Some people assume that women who are having an abortion don’t love their child, that if they loved the child, they wouldn’t have an abortion. At the beginning of her presentation, Dr. Priscilla Coleman talks about how conflicted women are about the abortion decision. Studies show that it’s not always their decision and that women bond with their unborn child. (see video:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ENEPQxlGs_w)

So women love their child but they are still having an abortion; why is that?

I believe that many women who had an abortion grew up in abusive homes or are in abusive relationships and when they are having an abortion, they simply treat their child the way they were treated, with violence.

They also develop loyalty to the pro-choice movement, just like victims of abuse develop loyalty to their abuser and make excuses for him/her. And it doesn’t mean that they are not hurting but there is no room in the pro-choice movement for women who grieve their child so where can they turn? They also need to go on with their lives so they have to cling to those political statements such as “reproductive choices” to justify what happened. It also allows them to not face the truth that they lost a child and that they are hurting.

We in the pro-life movement need to welcome these women without judging their decisions. We need to let them know that it’s OK to grieve a child lost to abortion; it’s OK to say that your abortion hurts you and help is available to heal after the abortion.
The pro-choice movement is based on the lie that the unborn child is not a living human being and we in the pro-life movement need to show these women what Love truly is because it is only through Love that Truth will out.

More information about maternal-fetal attachment: http://www.wecareexperts.org/sites/default/files/presentations/Maternal-fetal%20attachment_UN.pdf