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Until February 15th 2013, women are invited to share their abortion story on CNN Ireport. This picture is a screenshot of a CNN Ireport user who goes by the name “ProChoiceMom”. She has spent many hours leaving derogatory comments on every abortion regret testimony posted on CNN’s website.

In my recent interactions with pro-choicers, I have noticed a pattern in women referring to themselves as a “pro-choice moms”:
1- They have one child born before or after they had an abortion (they like to tell people that their child is “raised pro-choice”).
2-They had an abortion for “medical reasons” including: genetic disease diagnosis, severe morning sickness, depression, anemia, cysts and arthritis pain.
3- They are angry at anybody who says that abortion hurts women, especially post-abortive pro-lifers.
4- They assert that abortion saved their life and anybody who says otherwise cares more about “non-sentient fetuses than women”, “would want to see them dead” and “deprive their born child from their mother”.
5- Some of them had an incomplete miscarriage that required a D&C procedure and they call it an abortion.

It is always a tragedy to lose a child but let us be clear: having a D&C after a miscarriage does not constitute an abortion. Pro-lifers have no objection to the removing of an already dead baby.

My general impression is that some women are told to have an abortion by misguided doctors and, in a sense, are denied healthcare for treatable conditions. I think we should worry about that trend.

Also, many people are misinformed about abortion and sometimes, we are not even talking about the same thing. Some believe that allowing medical treatment for an incomplete miscarriage = being “pro-choice”.

Why is that? Simply because a majority of people think that abortion = removing a fetus. Not killing, not destroying; just “removing something that is too small to be human and alive”. See for example this Tweet I received last year after sharing how abortion affects women.

tweet feel bad removing fetusWe could speculate on the feelings behind the venom-spewing pro-choice moms on the internet, but, to quote the Letter to the Ephesians, we are up against principalities and powers. This is not a war of pro-life moms versus pro-choice moms. This is a spiritual battle and anybody’s heart can be changed. We have to discern when to speak (always share the truth in love) and when to be quiet. Let us keep all the pro-choice moms of the world in our prayers and trust that eventually, truth will out.