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Béatrice FedorAs a pro-woman, anti-abortion activist, I join in conversations on pro-abortion websites sometimes. Women having abortions are not always offered medically accurate information about fetal development, abortion procedures, physical and mental consequences. It is also interesting to hear the latest anti-life arguments. For example, I read that pregnancy would be “harmful to women”, especially mentally, and that abortion would be safer than childbirth.

Recently, a young woman started a Facebook page called “aborting and proud”; perhaps to find affirmation and (as one commenter said), “to try to de-stigmatize abortion”. But all the inaccurate information, the festival of political statements and profanity found on her page won’t change the facts: abortion takes a life in a violent way.

Her reasons to abort are anemia and depression. She says her iron levels are too low and it would take months to obtain a treatment for her depression; and she has been hurting herself. If this is true, why don’t we provide mothers with the healthcare that they need instead of selling them abortion as the miracle solution to everything? But I digress…

She posted information about abortion procedures from a clinic that uses the word “gentle” a lot. I spoke with compassion but I shared the truth about the violence of abortion.

I warned her about the health risks and said that I was concerned about a possible hemorrhage because of her anemia. I was told to do my homework and to stop spreading lies. Of course I would never say that unless there is proof (scroll down).

I shared that many of us regret their abortion. One woman said she was tired of those “weak-minded” women and that I should go find myself “a 12-steps program”. The same person declared that images of aborted babies are Photoshopped.

One person, who kindly offered adoption services, was told to “go take care of live children instead”.

The soon-to-be-aborted woman has a daughter, called “her live child”. I pointed out that the unborn baby is as much alive (and human) as the born daughter. The difference is the location and stage of development. One woman answered that location is what matters. My words angered several women and I was asked to “stop preaching”.

I read all of my comments again. I have never mentioned God or Christianity, not a word about conversion or spirituality. When have I been preaching?

Then I noticed my profile picture thumbnail next to my comments and I remembered the words of St. Francis of Assisi: “Preach the Gospel at all times. When necessary, use your words.”

I don’t go to that Facebook page anymore and I simply pray. We don’t always need words to share the Truth. When it comes to the culture of death, the simple image of a mother and child can be our best argument. My words were rejected but my little picture remains on that virtual wall, a timeless reminder of God’s love.