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If one says: “I wish my mother had aborted me”, the first reaction is: how can we help the suicidal person? A woman writing under the pseudonym Lynn Beisner published an article with that title and later Tweeted that she received several offers for Christian counseling.

But Ms. Beisner is not suicidal. Like many people, she grew up in poverty with an abusive parent. The article and a second piece that defends it, asserts that though she is successful and loves her life, her single mother should have aborted her to achieve her education and become a better person.

The National Institute of Mental Health lists exposure to the suicidal behavior of others, such as media figures as a risk factor for suicide. I am concerned that the average suicidal person, not being an expert in “pro-choice” rhetoric, might take Ms. Beisner’s message literally. Besides, in her second article, she confesses that even her husband “had a hard time wrapping his brain around it.”

Lynn Beisner wants to start a new genre of pro-abortion stories as a response to powerful anti-abortion testimonies such as Rebecca Kiessling‘s because: “We cannot argue against heroic, redemptive, happy-ending fairytales using cold statistics.” Yet it is easy to refute her stereotypical abortion speculations with a few facts:

  • In the USA, pregnant women can obtain an abortion for any reason anytime. If you have never heard of legal second and third trimester abortions, visit lateabortion.net for enlightenment.
  • 46.2 million people are living in poverty (2010), the largest number in the 52 years for which poverty estimates have been published by the census bureau
  • 23% of College students are parents
  • 13% of College students are single parents (clasp.org fact sheets)
  • Every day, 5 children die as a result of child abuse; the highest number in developed countries.

Contrary to the same old claim, statistics prove that four decades of legalized abortion have not eliminated poverty and child abuse.

I am deeply sorry that Ms. Beisner had a tragic childhood and I can relate to her pain. I am also thankful for adoption, crisis pregnancy centers, maternity homes and organizations that help single mothers finish their education.

While Ms. Beisner is untitled to her pro-abortion opinion, her argument just doesn’t make sense. I am for discussion but the bizarre speculation “I wish my mother had aborted me to have a better life” is simply irrelevant.