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Pro-life activist Albany Rose wrote on her Facebook page Love Life. Defend life. Pro-Life: “You wanna know some fun facts about me?
I am Pro-Life
I am Pro-Circumcision (Really don’t care if someone is or isn’t)
I am Pro-Gay
I am no where close to religious
I am a Constitutionalist
I am against the Death Penalty but I will shoot anyone who touches my family
I am for the most part against vaccinations
And what else? I am 100% Pro-Life! All the other things before that Do Not Matter in this fight. We are here to save the unborn children being murdered in the womb. We are here to help those hurt by abortion in any way we possibly can

I love her honesty. I am Catholic, pro-life and feminist. I am anti-guns and anti-death penalty. I love and respect individuals with same sex attraction but I don’t support the “gay lifestyle” and gay marriage. I agree with NARTH researchers that same sex attraction can be a symptom of deep issues that can be addressed and healed through therapy.

In all movements, there are people who fight only for ideology’s sake, because it’s fashionable or simply because they are misinformed on a subject. The pro-life movement is diverse but to be perfectly clear, I don’t associate with individuals who engage in violence and fanatical activism. I suppose that there are people within the gay rights movement who likewise condemn fanaticism and agree that their opponents have a right to free speech.

I want the good of women. If we want to work for this goal, we must break the politically correct wall of the right to privacy, which really means the duty to be abandoned. We must address the issues that lead women to abort their babies to eliminate the need for abortion.

If I can find common ground with a non-religious pro-gay rights friend, so can I find common ground with my fellow pro-choicers to meet women’s needs, without abortion. After all, many of them say: “I would never have an abortion myself “ or “I want to make abortion rare”.  Aren’t these little flags signaling that there must be something wrong with abortion?

Pro-lifers and pro-choicers alike can agree with Serrin Foster from Feminists for Life: “Abortion is a reflection that we have failed women—and women have settled for less”. Let us work together then to help women out of love, putting aside our differences and without condemnation.