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Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos support same sex marriage yet no one in the Press is suggesting to boycott Facebook and Amazon.com based on heterophobia, Christianophobia and gay bigotry. Why attack Chick-fil-A, a Christian corporation, for supporting traditional marriage? Fanaticism has never advanced any cause.

When I was a self-centered atheist, I was despising homosexuals. Today, I have an inclusive view of the human family and I support traditional marriage. Does this sound antonymic? It is simply about accepting persons while rejecting acts.

In the past I perceived homosexuals as odd and perverse. I thought that AIDS was a well-deserved punishment for the gay character in the movie Philadelphia. According to the principles of ‘Tolerance’, others were free to do whatever they wanted as long as they kept it quiet and hidden. If they caught AIDS, were robbed, raped or beaten, I wasn’t the one to call for help. After all, no one worried about my abusive boyfriends and post abortion suffering. Like everybody else, I was having my share of AIDS testing scares. Why should I have cared if others were sick, poor or attacked? It was my choice, it was their choice. Freedom of choice comes with a price and if I had to face my consequences, so should they face theirs.

In that culture, not only can people do whatever they want but they must do something. There is a pressure for breaking rules, living dangerously, doing something more exciting than the person next door. Those who don’t follow the dogma are dangerous bigots repressing their desires. And there is a tacit rule that you are on your own when you are in trouble. These principles contrast with Christian charity. The Church takes care of the poor, the sick and the abandoned and is a refuge for the confused. When I converted, I was thrown off of my high horse and challenged to see the dignity of each person, even of those I disagree with.

Let us not mistake a desire for a choice. As Dr. Julie C. Harren puts it: “The idea that same sex attractions are a choice is extremely offensive and hurtful to those who have these desires. Promoting the perspective that it is a choice often perpetuates judgmental attitudes towards homosexuals.”

I have questions regarding same sex marriage, though some consider it a “hate crime” to even ask:

-What about homosexuals who don’t want to act on their desires? Will they receive the Chick-fil-A treatment if they speak up?
-What is same sex marriage to Bisexual/Transgender/Queer/Questioning/Intersex individuals?
-Should we ignore research about Same Sex Attachment Disorder and the success of Reparative Therapy?
-Should we ignore research about promiscuity, STDs, anal cancer and mental health that show that acting out is destructive, not beneficial to homosexuals?

I want the good of all people. In this debate, there is emotion and ideology. There is also suffering, research and “one size doesn’t fit all” individuals. Beyond one’s sexuality, let us not fail to see the struggles, the beauty and value of each person.