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Planned Parenthood action fund Facebook page displays a timeline picture with a man holding a sign: “I don’t want to be a FATHER yet… Mitts off her Birth Control”.  A woman wearing a pack of pills costume is part of this communication campaign.

Fewer and fewer Americans support abortion and some, including presidential candidate Mitt Romney, have called to defund Planned Parenthood over abortion (hence the “mitts” reference to Romney).

If people oppose Planned Parenthood over the issue of abortion, why the fuss about the pill? Contraception is widely available at reasonable prices and Planned Parenthood is not the only provider on Planet Earth. It seems that, in an attempt to gain people’s support, Planned Parenthood is trying to switch the focus from abortion to a less divisive issue. This is part of their “war on women” fear propaganda where opposing abortion supposedly means outlawing contraceptives.

Secondly, what about the young man’s message? He wants the sex, not the consequences. He is letting potential sex partners know what he won’t do for them: “if somehow you get pregnant, I won’t step up and be a father to our child”. How is this being a defender of women?

And why is it about her birth control? Why should the woman be the one responsible for not getting pregnant?  When her birth control fails, will the motive behind her abortion be: “My body, my choice” or rather: “He left me pregnant and alone”?

What about the “not yet” allusion to an uncertain future? Until when is he going to delay fatherhood? Until he is older, until he is ready, when he has a job, a house, a new car? It reminds me of my years dating abusive men whose heart of stone I thought I could change.

When he decides to be a father, what if he doesn’t find a woman who is ready for motherhood? Is he going to force one to get pregnant just like he is forcing non-baby-making sex on women now? Is this message of men getting their way good for women or is it a marketing faux pas?

If people are comfortable with this message then I suppose it illustrates Jiddu Krishnamurti’s words: “It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.

I am thankful for Pro-Life organizations who are providing real solutions for women in need.