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How do Planned Parenthood and similar centers help expectant mothers? Recent data in the USA show that 96% of pregnant women at Planned Parenthood get abortions.

France, 1993-
After a condom broke, my boyfriend paid for the morning after pill and it didn’t work. Apparently, I was pregnant from an earlier condom failure.

He was starting to show his abusive side and was adamant about having an abortion. I wanted us to marry and raise our child.

I was told in High School that the “Family Planning” center was helping girls to deal with grown-up issues. Surely they were going to provide the help that we needed to plan for our unplanned pregnancy. Why else would they call themselves a “Family Planning” center?

An old, wise man would tell my boyfriend to take responsibility without yelling or preaching. Then we would all cry and laugh and start planning for the wedding. We would attend all the parenting and financial classes offered.

Though I was not raised with high moral standards, what I found at the Family Planning center genuinely shocked me. They provided an abortion referral, a bunch of condoms and told us to “have fun”.

Not only did they add fuel to the fire but the whole business of having sex turned into a sickening vicious circle: using unreliable condoms/ getting pregnant/ planning for an abortion and start again with the condoms.

I was distressed when I left that place. All that was achieved there was to enable the easy way out that my boyfriend wanted. I didn’t know where to turn and I caved in.

Some people say that Planned Parenthood and similar organizations, are doing great good for women, especially poor women. I know in my heart, as I knew as a pregnant teenager, that this is not the case; but it could be.

I am hoping that Planned Parenthood and the like refocus their mission on helping pregnant women to have their babies and educating young men on the responsibility of fathering a child. They could partner with community based and faith based programs to help them find a job, a place to stay and finish school. They could also promote the courageous choice of adoption.

Why not petition Planned Parenthood to stop the abortion business and to be true to its name: helping people to Plan their Parenthood. What a great organization it could be then.