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I grew up with the idea that men won’t control themselves so it’s either you are having sex or you don’t have a boyfriend. There is no taboo but sexual freedom comes with a price. Bra-burning feminists didn’t obtain sexual equality: it is natural for men to have multiple partners but women with the same behavior are nymphomaniacs.

Nowadays if you oppose radical feminism ideology, you are “waging a war on women”.  What about the battles resulting from the Sexual Revolution that attack womanhood every day?

Women have to look thin and sexy. We compete with younger, skinnier girls and pornography. We have to be sexually experienced (or pretend we are). Sometimes we lie about same sex attraction to be more exciting than the girl next door. We bow to our man’s sexual fantasies even if they are disgusting.  We go to extremes to keep him even if he treats us like a dog.

We have to make sure that our reproductive system is neutralized. When our contraceptive method fails, we are told: this is your fault, how could you let this happen, it can’t be mine, it’s your problem, I can’t tell you what to do with your body.

Humiliated, abandoned and confused, we turn to our friends who take a neutral approach, secretly hoping that they won’t have to deal with odd pregnancy cravings and babysitting. They point out that we still have a “Choice”. It’s a hard decision to make but it will solve our problem.

“The Choice” is intimidating and no other option is suggested. The women magazines/blogs that we read, our friends, doctors, the whole World agrees that abortion is best for us. And the sooner, the better. There is very little Information about the baby and the procedure. In a way, it is a relief: the less we know about what’s in there and what is going to happen, the easier it is to make the intimidating Choice.

Our mothering instinct is whispering that something is dreadfully wrong but we are urged to go on. Later we go to the Mall to buy a new dress, we put on lipstick and check our phone one hundred times for a sign of him. Deep down we are hurt but hey, life is tough.

Women have feelings and dignity. They deserve better than soiling their hearts and souls in the battles of the (enslaving) sexual freedom.