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As a writer, I am interested in the subtle changes in semantics over the years and how it affects our society.

Here are two examples: in the past, homosexuality and abortion were not socially acceptable. By calling them a different name, we have distanced ourselves from the moral aspect of these issues.  “Gay” is a positive word that makes people smile; “Choice” evokes responsibility. To many people, homosexuality is something to celebrate and abortion is the sensible thing to do.

A little game: what are these sentences dealing with?
-Ted has decorated the room with gay colors.
-When he came home, he had a queer look on his face.
-Tina behaved so well that she had the right to choose a new doll.
-Because of the weather conditions, the Colonel decided to abort the mission.

Though gay, queer, right to choose and abort are used here with their original meaning, we can’t help but think about homosexuality and destroying unborn life.

Now, let’s take a look at the expressions used to characterize the human unborn baby: it, a pregnancy*, a fetus**, a parasite, a clump of cell, a blob of tissue, a part of the mother’s body, the products of conception, the contents of the uterus.

*To clarify, the word “pregnancy” is interchangeably used to describe the gestational period and the baby. **Though the word “fetus” is Latin for “little one”, pro-abortion folks use the slogan: “the fetus is not a baby” and the disturbing: “it’s not a baby until it’s born”.

–November 2012 update: the expression chemical pregnancy is now used for an early miscarriage

Destroying the unborn baby is called: an abortion, a choice, the removal of the pregnancy/fetus/contents of the uterus/products of conception, a sacrament, an act of love, an act of mercy, reproductive freedom, reproductive health, women’s health.

Sadly, we are bombarded with empty slogans and false statements that dehumanize our own species and trivialize violence.

You shouldn’t feel bad about removing a fetus” was a young man’s comment after I shared my abortion experience on Twitter. He doesn’t see the reality: that abortion destroys a human life and hurts a mother. And why should he? He was taught that abortion is a choice to remove a thing with no consequences.

For this young generation’s sake, the lies have to be exposed and the truth spoken in love. It is time to reclaim our culture and it starts with the proper use of words.