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Because I once heard on the radio: “post-abortive women are mothers too” and it made much more sense than the “women’s right to choose” rhetoric I was used to

Because I was not allowed to grieve over a “blob of tissue” and yet I was mourning “something”

Because it is not natural to force our brains to think in terms of “wanted” and “unwanted children”

Because abortion doesn’t make women happier, wealthier and is not fulfilling

Because science makes it clear that human life begins at conception

Because of embryology and ultrasound technology

Because it’s not fair to use location, age, gender or a medical condition to sentence a person to death

Because the only difference between the “pro-choice” and “pro-life” abortion testimonies I have read was: “so, abortion was the best choice for me” at the end

Because abortion workers acknowledge in abortion books & journals that they are killing tiny human babies

Because abortion is a violent attack on the baby’s body and the mother’s mind

Because it takes two to procreate and it shouldn’t be a woman-only issue

Because “my body, my choice” really means: “this is your problem and you’re on your own”

Because pitting women against men and women against children fosters contempt and violence

Because abortion doesn’t help women to get out of the abusive relationships that move them to abort in the first place

Because “I felt that I didn’t have any other choice” is not the same as “I made an informed, well-thought- through decision”

Because women deserve choices that they can live with

Because the pro-life side provides several options for pregnant women while the other side is only about abortion

Because 52 of 68 medical studies found that abortion significantly increases the risk of breast cancer (bcpinstitute.org)

Because of the Blackmun Wall, a list of women who died in “legal & safe abortion” (lifedynamics.com)

Because I refuse to give up on my sisters left alone to make “the choice”