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At age 24, I was on the top of the world. A rising trade union group leader, I was galvanized by my fellow bra-burning sisters who had participated in feminists protests in the 1960s. They stressed the importance of female freedom achieved through the availability of contraception, abortion and no boundaries on sexual relationships. Almost as a practical application, I was a pill user and having an affair with another member of the trade union.

I was working part time as a personal assistant, part time on the trade union job and was paid for a full time job. I would write articles for our newsletter, organize and participate in various meetings, organize and participate in protests.

I got involved because I wanted to be an advocate for people unfairly treated, a voice for the voiceless. And I must admit it, I wanted power, and to be respected as equal to man. To that end, I was exalting my body and sex appeal to the fullest. Sex to obtain power, that’s what I had learned from the culture I was brought up in. As a result, I was getting a lot of lustful looks, inappropriate touches and propositions (including from homosexual men). I was almost raped one night in front of my apartment. I quit as the love affair and the trade union were becoming equally depressing and unfulfilling.

Today, I am still writing articles, organizing and participating in meetings and protests. I still want to be a voice for the voiceless, the unfairly treated. I draw my inspiration from peaceful, prayerful people who, on top of their busy lives, assist pregnant women in need. I want to write, speak and stand up for women and their babies.

I am feeling loved and respected by my husband and I stay at home with our three children. I don’t seek power anymore, rather I have surrendered to a Higher Power. Only God do I want to glorify and exalt because He gave me a second chance. He rescued me from my self-conceit and doesn’t look on my sins but on my faith. I want to answer the call as a wife, a mom and a Pro-Life advocate. God made me an activist and once an activist, always an activist.