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Letter to my post abortive sisters

Dear Sister,

I know that you have been hurting and you are not alone. You don’t have to suffer in silence. You wish that your parents, your peers, society, the whole world had prepared you for the long journey through the wilderness. And does it ever end? Start with speaking about your pain, in speech or writing. Putting your feelings into words will help you to see the end of the tunnel.

My sister, don’t accuse yourself with “what ifs” and “If onlys”. As C.S. Lewis puts it in the Chronicles of Narnia:  “no one is ever told what would have happened”. Even in the afterlife, I don’t expect that we will be presented a life different from the one we have lived, had we made different decisions.

Rather, embrace your life since a life has been given you to live. Love yourself and love your neighbor. Be a good wife, a good mom, a good daughter, a good friend. Seek God’s face in everyday challenges and he will comfort you. Share with Him your concerns and He will dry your tears.

Brush the ashes off of your heart and make room for your lost child. Your personal Lent has come to an end. Now it’s time to give your child a name and also to say goodbye. Entrust your child to the one who forgives and heals, and be ready for a new Lent. Not a perpetual Lent to torture yourself but a Lent of prayers and fasting that God has prepared for us. It starts today with ashes because we will return to ashes but it ends with the Resurrection and the celebration of Life. Not a Life with the pleasures of this world but the Everlasting Life that our children in Heaven are already tasting and that we will be sharing with them someday.

I wish you peace from all my heart,

Your sister